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Samsung, 900 E

About production

Vacuum classical scheme has three main stages of filtration:

A. Filter bag (cloth, disposable paper or disposable microfiber)

2. The filter engine protection.

3. Filter the final cleaning.

A. Filter bag - the main filter vacuum cleaner, delaying more than 98% of the dust that gets into the vacuum cleaner. Gross value of vacuum cleaner bags are three:

a) Paper (disposable) bag is designed for use in residential areas (apartment, house ...). What to avoid rupture of a paper bag, needs careful handling:

Do not squeeze the paper filter bag when you close the lid pylozbirnoho compartment cleaner.
When cleaning a paper bag to protect from damage by wet, hot, spicy and other objects which might cause the rupture of a paper bag.
Watch for completing a paper bag (to follow the indicator on the casing or monitor the decrease in suction power during operation. Markedly diminished strength suction means that a bag filled with garbage).
Timely replace bag filled with a new one.
Filled used filter can not be used twice.

The operation of a filter depends on the type and quantity prybyrayemoho garbage. For example, rapid contamination of the filter is felt during the cleaning of fine dust (cement dust during construction works, fine dust, which is entered from the street shoes). When cleaning in residential premises with an average contamination of the filter is able to withstand at 1-1.5 months of operation. During the cleaning of large areas with high pollution, paper filters should be changed frequently.


b) Textile (multiple, ongoing) filter bag - after filling needs cleaning. Intended use:

in the absence of disposable vacuum cleaner bags.
with frequent cleaning of a large number of debris (building maintenance, office, shop, saloon car) because fabric filter mitsnische and durable paper.

c) Odorazovyy microfiber. This unique material produced for the hygienic cleaning. Static electricity generated in the fibers of the material, even picking naybribnishi dust. Due to the high permeability of air (at 99.9) maintained a constant suction power and cleaning performance is much higher than when working with old paper bag.

Using the catalog of products brand "Elephant", which is on our website, you can choose your desired vacuum cleaner bag (paper, fabric, microfiber).

Concordance table of characters and models is located at backward side of the box. For example:
S      Samsung                               S-01 - S-02 type vacuum cleaner bags
SB    Вosch Siemens                 SB-01 SB-02 type vacuum cleaner bags
L       LG                                            L-02 L-03 L-07 type vacuum cleaner bags
P       Philips                                     P-01 P-02 P-03 type vacuum cleaner bags
R       Rowenta                                 R-01 R-02 R-03 R-04 R-07 type vacuum cleaner bags
H       Hoover                                    H-01 H-03 type vacuum cleaner bags
EL     Electrolux                              EL-02 El-04 type vacuum cleaner bags
M        Moulinex                                  M-01 M-02 type vacuum cleaner bags

2. The filter engine protection (motor filter) - located at the entrance to the engine compartment to protect the engine compartment vacuum cleaner during malfunction of the main filter. Timely spend cleaning or replacing the filter engine protection for contamination of the engine compartment vacuum cleaner drastically reduces engine performance.

3. Filter final cleaning (finish filter, micro filter) - It is situated at the exit of the clean air and vacuum cleaner designed to capture dust damage the previous filters and detention of coal dust from the electric motor.

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